The very unique wooden watch edition Barrique combines the love of nature with the love of wine. 

The French Allier oak barrels we use for our watch collection served already many years for wine ripening and storage.  Now they are used in a completely new, innovative way: for further processing / upcycling into wristwatches. The special grain and the individual character (coloring) of the Allier oak barrique gives each masterpiece a very special touch and makes it a piece of the Barrique line extraordinary. 

Every project starts with a vision

The barrels we use for our watch production are Allier oak barrels. Their story starts in 17th century in huge French oak forests, where the oak trees are grown for the specific use for wine barrels. In these oak barrels red wine was stored and matured. After the wine storage of 6 years, the barrels are taken apart, so that the staves can be reused. After a long process of cleaning and upcycling their second life as beautiful watches begins. The beauty in our watches lies in the value of the sustainable history, they entale. Hence, a fascinating connection between watchmaking and the world of winery is made with an extraordinary outcome.

The idea to create these watches made out of oak barrels was born in a little town in Austria by a young sommelier, Josef Schuch, who was looking for a present for his uncle, a huge wine lover. The young restaurant owner wanted to buy his uncle a watch for his birthday, that combined his passion for wine. The brainstorming began. After putting wine barrels up for decoration in his restaurant, the vision came to him - a winewatch handcrafted out of oak wine barrels! With his idea, he contacted us and shortly after the production started. Now, the barrique watch collection contains about twenty timelessly beautiful watches and brings joy to many more winelovers all over the world!