Designing little artipieces of nature is one skill, handcrafting it and carrying out the designer's vision is another special quality. Every Barrique watch is handcrafted of Allier oak barrels that come from France and Austria which were used for wine storage and maturation. Being able to create a watch - something so dainty and light - out of heavy and dark barrels is a quality, which we want to celebrate with every single watch that goes out into the world and share with every customer along the way. 
We work together with local genious craftsmen who make sure that every single watch turns out extraordinarily. Carpenters just from our neighbourhood fulfill the upcycling process and turn the raw barrels into small and smooth pieces, from where the watch production can go on. It takes a lot more Little steps to eventually meet our goals: our beautiful wine watches - this is only possible because of the 100% commitment to the craft, our partners have. Along the way of production we also want to make sure to make use of every local and natural source we have around us.